Confessions Of A Dog Groomer

Dog grooming. It’s a job that requires the right mix of dog obsession, patience, sense of humour and passion. It’s not a job for the squeamish or the faint hearted, it’s certainly not glamorous and it’s certainly not for everyone, but, for those of us crazy enough to pursue this career, we love it!

So just how do you become so obsessed with dogs that you build your career around them? Well it all starts with one! That one dog that just gets it, the one that fits into your life so perfectly you can’t comprehend life without dogs, the one thats completely in sync, that knows you better than you know yourself, and for me, her name was Sally.


Sally opened me up to a whole new world. I was very quiet as a child, I had little confidence and definitely not what you’d call a social butterfly. I’m sure there are many out there who were just the same but that doesn’t change the feeling of loneliness you have when your that kid. I had “friends”, the kids of my parents friends, some kids I’d sometimes play with at school, but these weren’t real friends, I was only their friend when it was convenient (Don’t worry, this isn’t really a sob story, I promise). The day everything changed my uncle picked me up from school (he told me I was going to the dentist) and he took me to the kennels. We walked along the stream of kennels, all the dogs jumping up, going ballistic to see people, eager to get out their pens, then there she was! She sat patiently with calm eyes looking up at me. She’d been found as a stray, she had no name, no home, and no history but she was the one! I held her in the car all the way home, the biggest beaming smile on my face (best dentist appointment ever by the way).

So this little Heinz 57 mongrel rescue dog is where it all began. She was my best friend, and I really mean my best friend. But not only did she provide me with invaluable friendship, not only was she the one I looked too every time I was sad, not only was she the one that made so many happy memories, not only did she protect me when I was scared, she was my mentor. Her unconditional love gave me confidence, confidence to expect others to like, love and accept me for who I am, the weirdness, the imperfections, the odd interests, the works. She taught me to expect more from myself and others. Most importantly Sally showed me what real friendship is, the acceptance, reliability, love, loyalty and value that to this day I still consider a standard for every relationship in my life. Yes! I am saying that this little dog is a huge part of how I became the person I am today, the reason I have such amazing friends and how I went from a strange, quiet little kid who hid in the corner to your bonkers, says it as it is, dog groomer!

Now you know. That’s how you become dog obsessed, they become an invaluable part of your life. Because of Sally I will never again be without a k9 companion in my life and since then I have had several different dogs. The best thing is they all have different characters, no two are the same, just like us they all have their own personalities.

It’s this love and passion for dogs that really makes a dog groomer. Training is important to do a good and safe job but it is this love of dogs that enables you to overlook the fur splinters that somehow get everywhere, the dog hair you drink in the now cold coffee you made over an hour ago but only just getting to sip now and slobber down your shoulder because at the end of the day you get rewarded in fury cuddles and wagging tails.



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